Rupert Reid is a Sydney-based photographer working across portraiture, documentary and landscape genres.

"Photography always ran simultaneously to my performative career."

For ten years Reid navigated the Sydney-LA film & television industries, honing his photographic practice as a secondary endeavour in the downtime of his acting career.

Work from years of this largely private practice is now coming to light.

His early work documenting the LA street scene is emblematic of the mid-late 2000's in California. Reid worked as a street scout for print casting agency Cast Partner - he scouted for LEVIS, Wrangler, NIKE, and Juicy Couture; seeking out the young, hip Los Angelenos on the verge of discovery. Himself within the audition circuit he found natural rapport with those looking for life, love and the American Dream in LA.

What began as a moonlighting affair quickly became an obsession and Reid began to pursue portraiture in a more dedicated way. Fellow thespians became the perfect muses, and the theatrical world the backdrop. This practice continues to this day, as he continues to photograph prolifically.

In recent years, since his return to Sydney, the once separate entities of performance and photography have developed and evolved to encompass directing. In 2012 his short film BOO! was a finalist in Sydney's iconic Tropfest. Via his writing, producing, directing and acting he has collaborated on pro-bono projects for environmental, social and political issues, and has guest lectured film students at UTS.

Reid has established a sense of fluidity between working in THEATRE, FILM & TELEVISION, PHOTOGRAPHY and DIRECTING, with ongoing projects in each field.